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Pearls of Wisdom: A Ladies' Tour of the Deep South

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Take a charming journey through the Deep South region of the United States with a focus on a few of the important women who helped shape it.

The Deep South region of the United States beckons travelers with its rich history, opulent grandeur, down-home cooking, and warm hospitality. Embarking on a radical 3,000-mile drive through 10 major cities in 6 charming southern states, we set out in search of scenic vistas, glistening cityscapes, exciting adventures ... and, of course, a big ol' shade tree under which we might enjoy a cool breeze and a tall glass of ice-cold sweet tea.

For each of our ten stops, we'll give you interesting insights about a culturally significant woman related to the location along with a poignant lesson to ponder; and we'll also let you know what we did, where we ate, how to relax, when to go, and why you should definitely visit.

Friendship Fountain | Jacksonville, Florida

Friendship Fountain | Jacksonville, Florida

The Ladies, The Lessons, The Locations

Throughout its history and into the modern age, women of the South have held a decidedly unique set of traditionally-conservative family-oriented values which are exemplified by women such as Laura Bush, Eudora Welty, Rosa Parks, Gladys Knight, Susan Pringle Frost, Juliette Gordon Low, Scarlett O'Hara, Bessie Morse Bellingrath, Leah Chase, and Sally Ride.

Thanksgiving Square | Dallas, Texas

Thanksgiving Square | Dallas, Texas

From early girlhood onward, we are diligently taught to play by the golden rule, express ourselves, stand our ground, dance to our own beat, make friends, explore opportunities, cultivate beauty, bloom where we're planted, fill up our senses, and reach for the stars.

Rainbow Row | Charleston, South Carolina

Rainbow Row | Charleston, South Carolina

And while it's true that the Deep South is frequently considered to be solely comprised of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Louisiana; if you think we're going to embark on a tour of the Deep South without including Florida and our own great Lone Star State of Texas, well bless your heart, I reckon you're out of your cotton-pickin' mind.

So follow us along on this whimsically extravagant journey through Dallas, Jackson, Montgomery, Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Mobile, New Orleans, and Houston as we explore the sights, sounds, tastes, and cultures of these ten distinctively fascinating cities. This road trip makes a full circle through the entire Southern United States, so feel free to jump aboard at any point or to even meander off on any side-road detours that happen to tickle your fancy.

Okay, are y'all ready? Here we go ...

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier | Galveston, Texas

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier | Galveston, Texas

What We Did

Each major city has a standard set of venues which likely includes an art museum, symphony orchestra, botanical garden, first-rate shopping center, collection of sports teams, and of course a zoo. Our goal however is to venture out beyond those obvious standards in order to unveil the individual nature and uniquely identifiable character of each separate location along the route. In doing so, we'll thoroughly examine the activity-based themes of big city lights, sense of community, civil rights reflection, luxury living, talk of the town, urban oasis, modern day history, creature comforts, performance art, and riding high.

Squirrels at Bienville Square | Mobile, Alabama

Bienville Square | Mobile, Alabama

Where We Ate

Much of Southern life revolves around its particular love of homestyle comfort foods, so this trip itinerary will, without a doubt, take you to some of the Deep South's most beloved restaurants. You'll have the opportunity to taste dishes like Tex-Mex food from the oldest Mexican restaurant chain in the United States, fried chicken and collard greens from a nationally-recognized Southern soul food eatery, slow-cooked BBQ and banana pudding as well as contemporary soul food and fried green tomatoes, James Beard award-winning lowcountry cuisine like boiled peanuts and deep-fried cheese grits, locally-famous pecan waffles from a down-home southern diner just off the beach, casual fare like a Crap Trap sandwich served from a pontoon boat, Gulf Coast seafood with panoramic views of the bay, Cajun food along with pralines and beignets, an upscale American steak and souffle, and much more including a bonus chocolate shop and wine tasting tour in north Texas.

Empire State South | Atlanta, Georgia

Empire State South | Atlanta, Georgia

How to Relax

As you undertake this vigorously exciting adventure, you'll quickly find the need to deliberately schedule in some down time. So we'll direct you to a few local spas for signature treatments and also provide you with information on a variety of lodging types like a grand getaway, historic landmark, sweet suite, luxury accommodation, charming inn, bed and breakfast, vacation rental, room with a view, boutique hotel, and an island resort.

Old Capitol Inn | Jackson, Mississippi

Old Capitol Inn | Jackson, Mississippi

When to Go

Being in the right place at the right time can yield a wealth of experiential advantages, an example being our jaw-dropping Friday night arrival to New Orleans' famed Bourbon Street which was filled with an array of colorful characters before the next day's sanity-impaired Red Dress Run through a very tightly-packed French Quarter. And while you certainly won't be able to hit all of these fantastic events in one trip, you might consider making plans to attend the State Fair of Texas, Zippity Do Dah, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Atlanta Jazz Festival, Spoleto Festival, Savannah Music Festival, George's Music Springing the Blues, National Shrimp Festival, Mardi Gras New Orleans, or maybe the country music star-studded RodeoHouston.

Red Dress Run | New Orleans

Red Dress Run | New Orleans

Why to Visit

Genuine Southern hospitality and the accompanying verbal accents are, for the most part, not in the least bit fabricated. Aside from the occasional mean ol' codger that you might run across every now and again, most authentic Southerners are generally kind-hearted, exceptionally welcoming to strangers, and well-verse in the art of valuing others. In addition to this innately friendly nature, there is also a host of other enticing reasons to consider traveling to the Deep South including the glamour, culture, history, luxury, architecture, squares, atmosphere, traditions, music, and all-encompassing forward-thinking vision.

Alabama State Capitol | Montgomery, Alabama

Alabama State Capitol | Montgomery, Alabama

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A Ladies' Tour of the Deep South Take a charming journey through the Deep South region of the United States with a special focus on a few of the important women who helped shape it. Deep South United States

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