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The Art of Gallivanting offers sponsored posts and link insertions for a limited number of approved businesses and agencies.

Content publication is available for a processing fee of $30 per approved post. provides inspirational travel stories and thought-provoking insights about global destinations along with an extensive collection of photographs for the desired purpose of encouraging domestic and international travelers to participate in a range of leisure experiences. Content publication, link insertion, and article-writing services are offered for both editorial and advertorial applications along with options for banner advertising, e-blasts, and social media exposure. Text wording and illustrative content may be blended natively, visually branded, otherwise customized, and/or featured throughout the website. All transactions are subject to website terms and conditions.

Publication Fees

$  30 | Guest post article publication (maximum of 3 external links; $30 per additional external link).
$  15 | Per link insertion only into existing article (available URLs include the term /posts/).
$  15 | Addition of 2-10 photo images to a guest post (1 included free).
$  50 | Social media post (per network) with link to guest post.
$100 | Sponsored link featured in sidebar of website (per week).
$100 | Prepaid publication of a 200-500 word article written by The Art of Gallivanting with link insertion.
$250 | Prepaid publication of a 500-1,000 word article written by The Art of Gallivanting with link insertion.

Content Topics

  • arts, entertainment
  • food, dining, date ideas
  • news, culture, business
  • movies, music, romance
  • sports, recreation, adventure
  • travel, leisure, destinations
  • gambling, betting, casino
  • essay, homework, test prep
  • CBD, vaping, pharmaceutical
  • VPN, file conversion, spyware
  • adult, sex, online dating
  • psychic, medium, astrology

Submission Process

1) You submit your content (including links) for consideration.
2) Approved content is generally posted online within 1-3 business days.
3) Payment of processing fee is due upon publication via PayPal.
5) All transactions are subject to USFTC regulations and service terms.

Content Guidelines

* 1 title (75 characters or less),
* 1 subtitle (100 characters or less),
* 1 article (200-2,000 words), and
* 1 photo image (horizontally-oriented at least 1000 x 667 pixels).
* 1 slideshow containing up to 10 photos may be added for an additional $25.

Link Insertions

Please submit your web link and corresponding anchor text. Optionally, you may also request that your link be placed within a specific webpage on Available URLs must contain the term /posts/. Link modifications of any kind (e.g. changes to the wording, link, etc.) constitude a separate link placement order and additional $25 fee.

Late Payment Terms

1) $20 LATE FEE per week per item is added to invoices not paid within 3 business days.
2) Content will be temporarily removed if payment is not received in 5 business days.
3) The nonrefundable processing fee will remain due for all services ordered.
4) Content will be reinstated upon full payment of invoice.
5) Failure to pay on time will result in prepayment terms only.

Please contact us to submit your article(s), ask questions, or obtain additional information.

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